Do Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments Work?

Countless people visit their chiropractor to “get their back cracked” to help relieve pain. This chiropractic treatment is clinically referred to as spinal adjustments, and there’s a lot of debate in the medical community about whether or not it works. chiropractic spinal adjustments

While relief doesn’t lie, is it true (or purely mental or placebo-inducing) that chiropractic spinal adjustments work? In this article, we provide the answer. After speaking with several highly experienced chiropractors from many different backgrounds, we feel we can soundly answer the question many individuals are curious about: do spinal adjustments from a professional chiropractor work?.

Well, Do Spinal Adjustments from Your Chiropractor Work?

The short answer is Yes – spinal adjustments do work. But if you want more detail as to how they work, then keep reading.

The important thing to note is how we define whether or not getting your back cracked by a chiropractor “works.” We feel in this context, when something “works” it provides a desired outcome.

So again, Yes, spinal adjustments do indeed work. An adjustment creates change in spine that cultivates greater balanced and optimal functioning. However, with change comes the question of sustainability and how long can maintain this new found state.

Consideration and action toward sustaining optimal spinal health ultimately shapes the quality and outcome a chiropractic program.

There’s Way More to a Solid Chiropractic Program

Sure, spinal adjustments are a vital technique to providing chiropractic care and producing progressive changes; however, there is better way to go about getting your back cracked. Spinal adjustments are best when performed gradually overtime (i.e. 3 days per week) with precise and calculated adjustments that are a part of a long-term chiropractic program.

Additionally, a chiropractic care program that includes adjustments of the spine is optimal with the guidance of X-rays. Although not required as cost constraint, X-rays are encouraged by most elite-level chiropractors to create care programs and adjustment schedules with greater precision and accuracy.

A good example of chiropractic practice that offers this level of chiropractic care is This chiropractor provides in-depth chiropractic programs design for lasting results.

You Need to Get Involved

While chiropractic spinal adjustments create change in the skeletal system, it’s important to know that the musculoskeletal system is complete make-up of your body’s structural foundation. So regardless of how much change we apply to the skeletal system, if the muscles do not change and adapt accordingly, then sustainable long-term changes are inhibited. In other words, if we don’t supplement spinal adjustments with functional strength exercises that encourage muscular balance and proper functioning, these adjustments will yield limit and short-lived results.

This is why advanced chiropractic programs like The Pettibon System are growing in popularity. In addition to adjustments and traditional chiropractic techniques, The Pettibon Systems also includes various exercises and at-home programs to promote change in the entire musculoskeletal system as whole. Although these chiropractic programs are long-term, patients of The Pettibon System realize dramatic and sustainable changes that lead to pain-free outcomes.