Laser Hair Removal: A Safe Way to Reduce Unwanted Hair

Laser hair removal, or laser hair reduction, is a minimally-invasive procedure that applies concentrated light technology to penetrate and reduce unwanted hair follicles. In essence, the heat from the laser damages the hair follicle to inhibit growth. After the course of several treatments, patients can realize sustainably-permanent reduction in hair.laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is an effective form of treatment for most parts of the body. Because laser hair removal only treats actively growing hair follicles in specific areas of the body, several treatments in targeted locations are the best course of action to see significant hair reduction. And while laser hair removal is proven effective at slowing hair growth, the process doesn’t alway guarantee permanent hair loss. In some cases, periodic maintenance treatments may be required.

The Process of Laser Hair Removal

Depending the clinic or professional an individual seeks for laser hair removal, a surgeon or laser expert may perform the treatment or delegate the administration to a nurse or other licensed provider.

During the process of laser hair removal, a beam of highly concentrated light is targeted to unwanted hair follicles. This may be in specific areas of the body, such as upper lip, legs, back, or bikini area. Some patients report mild discomfort during the process, however most unpleasant sensations dissipate in short time.

Because hair grows in cycles, it typically requires a series of laser hair removal treatments to results in a significant and permanent reduction in hair. Eight treatments often results in the best patient outcomes.

Cost of Laser Hair Removal

According to 2014 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of laser hair removal treatment is $289. This average fee is a national average based on practitioner fee only in a surgical setting. As a result, the overall cost of laser hair removal may vary significantly.

The cost of laser hair removal often hinges on many variables, such as:

  • Reputation, expertise and qualifications of the professionals performing the procedure.
  • The type of lasers or procedure used.
  • The time and effort the procedure or treatment requires (often contingent on the body part being treated).
  • Where the clinic is located.

In most cases, health insurance does not cover laser hair removal or any complications that may result from the treatment. However, many practices and laser centers provide patient financing plans and packages for laser hair removal treatment.

Risks & Safety of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser hair removal doesn’t always guarantee permanent removal of hair. Although uncommon, some hair may be resistant to laser light treatment or potentially grow again over the course of treatment. If this is the case, new hair growth is often much finer and lighter in color.laser hair removal for men

Possible risks and side effects of laser hair removal treatment include:

  • Light redness of the skin
  • Slight Pigment changes, especially in those with darker skin. These changes are usually temporary
  • Mild and temporary irritation resulting in blistering, crusting, scarring, or other changes in skin texture
  • Light swelling around the hair follicles
  • Specialized care may need to be taken for individuals with darker skin.

It’s also advised by most laser science experts that if you have gone to a tanning booth or used a spray tan, you should avoid getting laser hair removal treatment to avoid damage to skin.

These laser hair removal risks, among other unique considerations based on the patient’s skin type, will be fully discussed during an initial consultation with professional laser expert. It’s important that patients address all possible considerations and questions directly with your laser hair removal provider.

The Movement Toward Minimally-Invasive Surgery Procedures

Minimally-invasive surgical procedures are most commonly defined by the surgeon (or device) making much smaller incisions compared to larger openings typical with more traditional forms of surgery. Since the incision is small, minimally-invasive surgery patients can experience less discomfort and a quicker recovery. As a result, minimally-invasive surgery procedures have become more popular in most of the hospitals.

Types of How Minimally-Invasive Surgery

Most cases of minimally-invasive surgery use state of art technology to minimize the damages on human tissue when the surgeon is performing the procedure. There are two specific types of minimally-invasive surgery: robotic surgery and non-robotic minimally-invasive surgery.

Non-robotic Minimally-invasive Surgery

minimally-invasive spinal fusion surgeryNon-robotic minimally-invasive surgery, which is also known as “endoscopic surgery,” is a procedure which utilizes the endoscope so as to reach the internal organs through a tiny incision. During the endoscopic surgery, the surgeon will insert a flexible, thin tube with a video camera through a natural orifice or small incisions such as the nostrils or the mouth. For utilizing the tiny surgical instruments which the surgeon will use for viewing the organs on the computer monitor, the tube has a channel.

The technique will enable a surgeon to see the inside picture of the body of the patient as well as operating through a small incision which would have required an open surgery. Some of the benefits of endoscopic surgery include less pain, low-risk infection, short hospital stay, reduction of blood loss, less scarring as well as small incisions.

Robotic Minimally-invasive Surgery

This is a minimally-invasive surgery which is advanced. During the surgery, the doctors will have both vision and excellent control of the operation. This will allow them to have a less invasive, precise and safe surgical procedures.

During the robotic-guided surgery, the doctors will operate from the console which is equipped with two master controllers maneuvering with four robotic arms. By viewing of a high definition 3D imagery on the console, the surgeon will be able to see the surgical process better than before. This makes robotic minimally-invasive surgery highly sought by many qualified patients, particularly in cases of minimally-invasive spinal fusion surgery.

Preconfigured software, which replaces the actual hand movement, make the movements more clear and precise. This can make the long-term implications of surgery less impactful on the body. Similar to non-robotic minimally-invasive surgery, the benefits of the robotic surgery comprise of small incisions, less pain, low risk of infection, quick recovery time, reduction in blood loss, short hospital stay and less scarring.

Opting for Robotic Surgery

When comes to making the decision to get robotic surgery, the doctor will determine whether the condition is suitable for you or not by undergoing a test. It has been proven that the medication is very effective as compared to conventional surgeries.

Continuous research and innovations by medical technology companies have resulted in a major movement toward minimally-invasive surgery. As mentioned above, the surgery is highly beneficial for people who want to undergo a surgical procedure that will lend to faster recoveries and minimal discomfort.

5 SEO Strategies Specific to Cosmetic Surgeons

When it comes to SEO strategies for cosmetic surgeons, there are lots of things that the in-house staff (such as the office staff or the non-SEO specific marketing teams) can do. Even though some advanced SEO strategies such as domain authority and generating link popularity can be beyond the reach of most marketers, the following are effective SEO strategies specific to cosmetic surgeons.

1. Creating directory listings

seo cosmetic surgeons

You can create directory listings on some major sites such as Yahoo! Local, Yelp, Bing and Yellow pages to embark on SEO. First, you should look at Google local search engine results for the niche specific keywords such as plastic surgeons and you will most likely see particular local listings associated with Google Maps.

The rankings behind local listings are usually determined by variables which are unique to the conventional SEO. Citations are among the most influential SEO factors to consider in your strategies. Citations refer to the mention of the name of your business, the address, and the phone number(s).

Google rely on citations to assess the credibility of any local entity. Therefore, accurate business citations will build throughout the website – generally through the local directories – and Google will position your business higher in Google local search listings.plastic surgeon seo yelp directory

However, accuracy is very important when making citations as inconsistency can raise red flags to Google. You should always ascertain that you have put down the exact content when building directory listings.

2. Get listed on the cosmetic surgery and the medical directories

While getting listed on the conventional local directories is a better way to start utilizing SEO for cosmetic surgeons, you can easily take the practice to an additional level by finding an opportunity to get listed on the directories related to medical and surgery topics. Since the directories are highly related to local cosmetic surgery practice, Google will attribute a greater value for the citations and any backlinks originating from the listings. The citations and backlinks from the directories also generate direct traffic to the cosmetic surgeon’s website.

3. Establish a social media presence seo cosmetic surgeons

Possibly, you aren’t aware that social media is playing a crucial role in influencing search engines ranking. Even though there are many debates on the topic, it is evident that those brands with stronger social media authority in many platforms such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter have greater SEO potential. As a cosmetic surgeon, you can start by establishing yourself on the most prominent networks available.

After the establishment of these social media profiles, you should try to reach out and connect with the related complementary profiles and pages. By sharing your content with others you will build a respectable social media presence and bring more SEO value to your content. And to increase your audience in social media, you can invest in advertisements.

4. Produce content regularly

Producing content is equally important as social media marketing. Whether in form of patient testimonials, videos, before and after, blog posts, infographics, great content will play a big part in your cosmetic surgeon marketing strategies. Occasionally, produce content that’s aligned with your cosmetic surgery organic SEO strategy.

5. Networking with related medical professionals

At times, you should take the digital marketing efforts offline and network with related professionals. Mostly, building strong relationships with medical specialists and surgeons will open your doors to numerous opportunities.

Even though a plastic surgeon may be involved in a membership or a group with some other plastic surgeons who may be seen as competitors, there will be opportunities to support the other’s surgical specialties. Connecting with related surgeons in some other non competing geographical locations will also help your cosmetic surgeon SEO strategies become fully actualized.

5 Common Profiles of Breast Augmentation Patients

The popularity of breast augmentation surgery has been on the rise as more women and even teenagers decide to undergo this surgical procedure. People opt for this procedure because they want to enlarge their small breasts or regain the right figure either after significant weight loss or after breastfeeding.breast augmentation patient

Some undergo breast augmentation because they want to reduce the sizes of their breasts, especially high performing athletes. But for all, breast augmentation is a personal endeavor sought for many different reasons. Below are five common profiles of the breast augmentation patients.

1. Women After Pregnancy

Most women between the age of 30 and 39 years are in their childbearing years. Most of them lose their breast volume after pregnancy and are not happy with the way the breasts hang on their chests after major weight loss. Given that there is no form of exercise that is known to restore breast volume to its initial size and position, most of them opt for breast augmentation. During this surgical procedure, breast implants are normally placed under breast muscles so as to increase their breast volume.

2. Middle and Older Aged Mothers

As people get older, they experience significant changes in their bodies. Some of these changes include reduction of their breast volumes and breast sagging. Because of this, most of these individuals opt for breast lifts through breast augmentation procedures. This helps in restoring their breast volume, making them balanced and confident.

3. High Performing Athletes

Most high performing athletes such as female bodybuilders and weight lifters embrace breast augmentation surgery to optimize their physical capacity and minimize weight. The procedure enables them to maintain a feminine physique while lighting their bust.

Ideally, weight lifting often leads to a decrease in body fat. To compensate for the significant loss of breast mass due to the reduction in the lean-body mass, many world class athletes opt for breast augmentation/reduction surgery. Those with huge busts often opt for the reduction of their breasts so as to remain agile and in shape.

4. Women with Self-esteem Issues

Women are known to be more self-conscious than men. Because of this most women are often disturbed by the unwanted attention they get, especially from men due to the size of their breasts. Some perceive themselves as having too large or very small breasts.

This often affects their self-confidence as they perceive themselves as unworthy. As a result, most of them opt for a surgical alteration to their breasts (specifically via breast implants surgery) in an effort to boost their self-esteem. One such procedure is breast augmentation surgery, which helps them to get the breast size they admire.

5. Cancer Patients

Cancer patients, especially women, often have some of their breast tissues removed or damaged during surgical operations, whenever the tumors are being removed. This may cause them to have an unbalanced bust, with one breast appearing bigger than the other. In such cases, most of the patients opt for breast augmentation so as to reconstruct their breast tissue. Such reconstructive surgery enables them to regain their feminine physique, which in turn helps to boost their self-confidence.

A Rise in Breast Augmentation Surgery

People undergo breast augmentation procedures for different reasons. Some do it because of the nature of their professions; such as bodybuilders, some do it to boost their self-confidence, while others do it to simply regain their physique after significant changes in their bodies such as pregnancy or significant weight loss. This advanced surgical procedure is very vital in enabling them to regain their initial breast volume or attain their desired shape.

Best Bay Area Breast Augmentation Surgeons on

bay area breast augmentation yelp

When it comes to breast augmentation surgery, finding a highly competent and skilled breast augmentation surgeons is a must. For those in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, one of the best resources to find top-rated breast augmentation surgeons is Yelp.

But even a quality resource like Yelp can yield too many options. So to help cut-down on the comprehensive options among Bay Area breast augmentation surgeons on Yelp, we’ve compiled some of the most reputable surgeons with the highest aggregate review ratings.

Below are ten leading Bay Area breast augmentation surgeons on Yelp. You can learn more about each surgeon, what their surgical specialties are, and where they’re located in the greater San Francisco Bay Area of California.

Larry Fan, MD

Larry Fan is the founder for 77 Plastic Surgery, and Harvard graduate. His business is a highly regarded cosmetic surgery location in San Francisco, and he is listed as one of the top plastic surgeons in the country, and was featured in the news and on television.77 Plastic Surgery provides a vast array of services: contouring, breast augmentation, facial and breast enhancement. He can be found at:

Larry Fan, MD
77 Van Ness Ave,
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 655-7546
Visit on

Eric Mariotti, MD

Eric Mariotti specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery. In addition to the vast array of services provided, Eric Mariotti strives to create a friendly atmosphere, in contrast to the cold climates of the other clinics. He can be found at:

Eric Mariotti, MD
2222 East St Ste 310
Concord, CA 94520
(925) 685-4533
Visit on

Dino R Elyassnia, MD

Dino Elyassnia, founded his plastic surgery practice after completing his fellowship at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, a highly sought after fellowship for plastic surgeons. What sets him apart is his deep care for his clients, his intellectual knowledge, and attention to details. He can be found at:

Marten Clinic of Plastic Surgery
450 Sutter St
Ste 2222
San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 677-9937
Visit on

Kenneth Bermudez, MD

Kenneth Bermudez, a highly competent plastic and reconstructive surgeon in San Francisco, provides a vast array of services: breast surgeries, body contouring, facial rejuvenation, and skin treatments to enhance the beauty of the individual, or reconstruct after accidents occur. He was recently voted the best plastic surgeon in the San Francisco area in 2013 and Marin Magazine listed him in the 415 “Top Doctor”. He can be reached Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.He can be found at:

Kenneth Bermudez, MD
525 Spruce St
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 668-2122
Visit on

Carolyn C. Chang, MD

Carolyn Chang, provides exemplary service to potential customers and clients. Her business has been featured in America’s top doctors, Marin, San Francisco Magazine top doctors edition, Bazaar, and W Magazine. She is highly effective at reaching out to the female population, and with providing a natural look after surgery. She can be found at:

Carolyn C. Chang, MD
2100 Webster St
Ste 508
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 923-3070
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Gabriel M Kind, MD

Gabriel Kind is a cofounder of Kind Chang Plastic surgery. He strives in excelling in both competence and kindness. He provides services in facelifts, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, facial rejuvenation, as well as non-surgical methods. He can be found at:

Medical Office Building
45 Castro St, Ste 410
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 565-6884
Visit on

Francisco Canales, MD

Francisco Canales is a co-founding surgeon at Plastic Surgery Associates, located in Santa Rosa, CA. He specializes in breast enhancement, body procedures, and facial plastic surgery, in addition to medical spa techniques. He can be found at:

Plastic Surgery Associates of Santa Rosa
4625 Quigg Dr
Santa Rosa, CA 95409
(707) 537-2111
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The surgeons at Artemedica, Dr.’s Victor Lacombe and Alice Chiang, began the practice in 2011, providing a place for an amalgamation of art and medicine. Dr. Lacombe specializes in the reconstructive and plastic surgeries, whereas Dr. Chiang is an optometrist. This diversity allows the practice to meet a variety of needs. The practice is located in a more residential building to promote friendliness and familiarity. He can be found at:

1002 Mendocino Ave
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
(707) 577-8292
Visit on

John M McAvoy, MD

John McAvoy is a practicing plastic surgeon specializing in face lifts and peels, work on the nose, breast enlargement, lift and reduction, as well as liposuction and tucking. He has over 35 years of experience His office is located in the more rural, wine-producing area of Santa Rosa. He can be found at:

John M McAvoy, MD, FACS
4773 Hoen Ave
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
(707) 526-2276
Visit on

Heather Furnas, MD

Heather Furnas is a co-founding plastic surgeon at Plastic Surgery Associates, located in Santa Rosa, CA. Before moving to California, she started a successful practice at Beth Israel Hospital. Like her husband and coworker, she specializes in breast enhancement, body procedures, and facial plastic surgery, in addition to medical spa techniques. She can be found at:

Plastic Surgery Associates of Santa Rosa
4625 Quigg Dr
Santa Rosa, CA 95409
(707) 537-2111
Visit on

More Info on Breast Augmentation in the Bay Area

For more information and resources about breast augmentation surgery in the Bay Area of California, visit, reputable local source for surgeons, information, and articles on all things breast augmentation in the Bay Area.