3 Fire Pit Kits That Will Transform Your Backyard Patio Space

What is better than spending a warm summers evening enjoy drinks with friends around a cozy fire pit? Or how about cool autumn nights with the family spent huddled up around the fire pit roasting marshmallows?

When it comes to fire pit kits, choosing the right color tone, texture, and shape to match your home can be a fun and exciting process. If this sort of home improvement project is on your radar, then check out some of our favorite fire pit kits below.

Weston Stone Fire Pit Kit from Belgard

Unilock’s Sunset Fire Kit

Sunset Fire KitAdd warmth and opulence to your outdoor space with the Unilock’s Sunset Fire Kit. These paving stones have a very trendy marble like finish which can compliment any outdoor space. The Unilock Sunset Fire Kit comes in three different colors, of Limestone, Almond Grove, and Sierra. These three colors have very different shades, which means that you can choose which shade will match your patio furniture best. The colors can also be selected to match the paving or brick structure of any home.

The fire pit kit uses the Brussels Dimensional System, which can be constructed into a round or square fire pit. The Brussels Dimensional System means that the stones are versatile enough for any space, due to the multi sized, tapered components. Even though the inserts are sold separately, the stones are priced well and with detailed dimensions available, it makes it easy to plan the location of the fire pit in any outdoor space.

Belgard’s Weston Stone Fire Pit Kit

Finding the right fire pit kit for your home can be a challenging task when there are so many options available. Belgard’s Weston Stone Fire Pit Kit adds the perfect modern touch to any outdoor area. You can find the fire pit stones in a variety of different tones, to match the sophisticated and contemporary look of any modern home. Choose from the various paver styles, like Bella, Toscana and Victorian to create the perfect fire pit, for any kind of social gathering. The chic textured stones can be built in either a circular or square shape, designed to fit in any outdoor patio space.

Belgard Fire Pit Kit

There are 4 different sizing options for the stones, as well as two different matching inserts for the fire grill. The neutral color blends match most Belgard paver stones and create a clean aesthetic look. Add the perfect look and feel to your flourishing garden space with a fire pit kit.

Cambridge Paver’s Olde English Fire Pit Kit

Olde English Fire Pit KitCambridge Pavers sell a variety of pre packaged fire pit kits. There is a choice between gas and wood pit kits, and each comes with everything needed to build the perfect fire pit. The pre packaged Olde English Square Fire Pit Kit, is made with stunning olde English wall stones. The optional gate means the fire pit can instantly be converted into a barbeque, for ultimate convenience. The Olde English Fire Pit Kit comes with options of toffee or onyx as well as a fire pit spark screen.

The second option is the prepackaged Pyzique round barbeque & fire pit kit, which is made using pyzique wallstones and has options available of renaissance or split face. The third option available is the pre packaged Ledgestone roundtable barbeque and fire pit kit, which comes with an optional bluestone blend barbeque and fire pit spark screen. Lastly, the Cambridge barbeque & fire pit cover with galvanized steel cover, ideal for those dealing with a lot of wind and rain.

With such an incredible variety of modern and sophisticated fire stones, available in a large range of different color tones, finding the right fire pit kit for your home needn’t be a challenging task, when there are so many options available.

Seico Stands as Peoria’s One Source Security System Solution

If you’re a homeowner, property owner, or business owner based in Peoria, Illinois, then Seico Security is your one stop security and surveillance service provider. Seico takes pride in offering 44 years of industry experience providing the very best security system products and surveillance monitoring services. Security Systems Seico

Established in 1972, Seico is the leading security company in Peoria in the state of Illinois and is the premier security and surveillance service provider. All technicians at Seico have the necessary training, experience and licensing that guarantees the best professional work possible.

As a market leader, Seico has the latest and most cutting-edge security solutions that will comprehensively meet all your needs. Seico provides security system solutions for:

  • Residential Properties & Homes
  • Offices & Commercial Buildings
  • Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Hospitals & Medical Clinics
  • Schools & Educational Institutions

Illinois’ Source for Comprehensive Security Solutions

security camera systemSecurity services and products should comprehensively address all the needs and threats that any building has, and that is why Seico Security of Illinois provides, tested and proven security solutions that have been designed and can be tailor made to address very unique needs. Below outlines the core security system products and services offered by the company.

Security Systems

  • Access Control
  • Alarm Systems
  • Surveillance
  • Photo ID and Video Badging

Fire Alarm Systems fire alarm systems

  • Fire alarm services that include emergency services
  • Fire alarm inspection for regulatory compliance
  • Fire monitoring
  • Fire extinguishers and carbon dioxide detectors

Residential Security Systems

  • Controlled access
  • Emergency services
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Burglar monitoring
  • Indoor and outdoor surveillance systems
  • Monitoring

Bank Security Systems and Equipment security systems banks equipment

  • ATM security
  • Audio and Video systems
  • Drive-up systems
  • Night depositories security services
  • Bank safes and bank vaults (including bank vault doors)
  • Safe deposit vaults
  • Under the counter cabinetry
  • Fire alarm systems

Audio and Video Systems

  • Audiovisual Classroom and Smart boardroom integration
  • Intercom systems and integration
  • Digital signage
  • Outdoor auditorium sound systems
  • Video conferencing
  • Audio Video distribution networks for both onsite and offsite locations

Seico also provides custom security and surveillance solutions to specific clients whose security concerns are unconventional. Some of these solutions include:

  • Correctional Facilities – Security systems, fire alarms systems, audio visual, conference rooms, smart boardrooms.
  • Casinos and Gaming centers – Surveillance and security systems, audio visual systems, fire alarm systems.
  • Government institutions and agencies – Security and fire alarm systems, audio visual systems, conference rooms and smart boardrooms.
  • Healthcare Institutions – Security and fire alarm systems, communications systems, conference and smart boardrooms, controlled access, badging and digital signage systems.

As a one stop security and surveillance service provider, Seico provides:

  • Installation services for all security and surveillance systems.
  • Repair and maintenance services including part replacements.
  • Security and surveillance upgrades.
  • Inspection and analysis of security repulsion preparedness and compliance.
  • Issuing relevant certificates.
  • Emergency services.
  • Security and surveillance consultancy services.

Security Systems IllinoisSeico is a Prairie Technology Alliance full member, an umbrella organization for security services provider in Central and Peoria Illinois regions. Prairie Tech make available accountable, experienced, single source solutions to clients with diverse security technology demands.

Seico Security has certification in all the areas of security and surveillance solutions and products.

  • Fire Alarm – EST Certification and factory training, NICET Certified.
  • Security – EST Level II, NICET Level II.
  • AudioVisual – Audio, AV-CST, Arena Rigging, Smaart, B. Amp, IED.

Engaging the services and purchasing the products of Seico translates to the very best security and surveillance solutions for your home, business, financial institution, government agencies, or organizations giving the necessary peace of mind and comfort. Do not compromise your security and the security of the people you care about by relying on amateurs.
Learn more about SEICO’s security system products and services at:

Seico Security
132 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554

The Modern Art of Security System Design

Security systems have evolved significantly since the advent of traditional security and surveillance measures. The very latest and most modern security systems extensively use electronics and digital equipment to bring together advanced security monitoring and oversight solutions, in addition to digital surveillance capabilities that focus on computer and online activities.modern security system surveillance camera

Modern security systems are generally divided in three parts, being: monitoring, alerting, and taking protection measures. The wide spectrum of security systems for various institutions and organization such as business, schools, and banks are a bit different from one another, especially security systems designed for homes.

On home front, you will need the security system to protect your family. Thus a home security system must be capable of alerting monitoring personnel as well as yourself of any invaders or any disruptions on your property or in your home. Conversely, in banks, the security system would be mainly responsible to prevent the bank robbers from looting the vaults and harming the bank employees as well as the customers. In schools, the security system should be very detailed as this is responsible for the protection of the lives of the children and the teachers.

In every security system, there as science and art to implementing the proper technology that’s equipped with the right support and oversight measures. Below we delve into more details that define the modern art of security system design.

Basics Behind Modern Security Systems

Modern, computer-based digital security systems work in a rather simple way but consists of several complicated devices. The general working policy of those modern security systems are:

  • Monitoring the premises and giving live feedback to the security officer or the men in charge. The monitoring is generally done by installing closed circuit cameras and microphones and then installing monitors where the live feed will be provided. Security system design art
  • The second part is controlling the automation of various details. This is where the authority shuts down certain gates or systems to prevent the threat elements to enter or get access to anything that the authority is responsible for protecting.
  • The third component is to raise the alarm. The alarm should be designed such that it should go off as soon as any problem arises and the sound of the alarm should be enough to be heard from the whole campus. There should be another alarm which should have access to the nearest police stations and alert them if anything unusual happens.
  • There should be another feedback to the cell phone or tablet of the system or home owner to alert him if there is something out of order. This thing helps best when the owner is out of home or in cases of banks and other institutions, when the institution is closed. The feedback alerts the authority so that they can take actions against the discrepancies.

Specialized Security System Companies

In all these aspects, security system companies carry a major responsibility, depending on whether or not they provide security monitoring services. The installation of the products and maintain them is entirely a duty of most home security system companies. They also need to ensure that the products provided them are of high quality and should not malfunction in case of any emergency. The controls should be easy and sturdy enough so that anyone can comfortably use them.

Overall, modern security system only helps you in protecting your family and your assets. There is nothing to worry and you can be relaxed after ensuring the security of your home or organization by these modern security measures.