5 Reasons Why Wooden Play Kitchen Sets Are a Win for Kids

Kids Wooden Play KitchenThere are tons options that parents are faced with when it comes to investing in play kitchens for their kids. It can be easy to resort to buying less expensive play sets assuming kids will grow out of them in a few years. However, natural wooden play kitchens are a timeless investment that retain their quality and value for decades.

The options that are cheap and available everywhere are the plastic, mass-marketed play kitchens that you find in big-box retailers. The natural options among kid’s wooden play kitchen sets are not nearly as popular as they were in past generations. However, these awesome wooden toys for kids have realized an increase in demand as savvy parents are realizing that these options are not only environmentally friendly, but also great for a child’s growth and cognitive development in more ways then one.

What follows are three great reasons to choose wooden play kitchens for kids instead of plastic alternatives.

Wooden Play Kitchens Are Natural Toys

Wooden play kitchen sets for kids are typically 100% natural, made from sustainably-harvested wood, and contain no harmful chemicals. This make wooden play kitchens ideal for conscious parents who want to buy toys that contain no potentially harmful substances.  Kids Wooden Play Kitchen Sets

Most conventional play kitchens are manufactured from plastic because it’s inexpensive to produce. Additionally, plastic toys can be molded into whatever shapes and colors, making them preferred by most toy makers. The sad truth behind plastic play kitchen sets is that they can contain toxic chemicals that are potentially harmful to kid’s growth.

Perhaps you are aware of the culprits of plastic toys: BPA and PVC? These are two chemicals that are commonly found in plastics. BPA (bisphenol A) has raised the eyebrows of conscious consumers after the FDA reported that BPA is potentially hazardous to both fetuses and growing children. As for PVC (polyvinyl chloride), this chemical has been growing in awareness due to its massive (and negative) environmental impact from production to disposal.

Kids wooden play kitchen sets are 100% natural and contain no harmful chemicals. This alone makes natural wooden play kitchen sets for kids a great choice for parents who want to avoid chemical-infused toys for their kids.

Wooden Play Kitchens Stimulate Kids’ Creativity & Imagination

Often times, simplicity wins when it comes to toys. It’s practical to assume that a young child will not be engaged and entertained without toys that have the flashy lights and sounds that mainstream toys commonly offer.

Wooden Play KitchensHowever, the problem with flashy play kitchens is that they don’t allow for natural forms of creativity and imagination to spawn. It’s easy for us adults to overlook just how liberated and free a kid’s imagination truly is. With wooden play kitchen sets, the foundation is set for relentless creative play, enabling their minds to run wild the ideas and possibilities.

With creativity and imagination comes a host of other benefits for growing kids. With wooden play kitchens, kids are more prone to share with others. Additionally, they learn a level of responsibility in cooking, doing dishes, and keeping the kitchen space clean and tidy.

Kids Wooden Play kitchens Are Eco-Friendly

When crafted from sustainably-harvested sources, wooden play kitchens can one of he most eco-friendly options among natural wooden toys for kids. Some of the best types of wood to look for that are used to make natural wooden play kitchens are pine, bamboom, rubberwoode, and other FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified woods.

FSC certified wood is labeled as eco-friendly because harvested forestery businesses must pass a stringent certification process that focuses on practices that protect old growth forests, water quality, and precious forest cover. With most wooden play kitchens that are labeled as 100% natural or sustainably-harvested, you can make an eco-friendly investment with your dollars.

Why Opt for Organic Baby Toys This Holiday Season

The holidays are fast approaching and you’ve probably not a clue what to get your baby. No doubt toys are on the list. But what kind of toys?

Before you opt for toys that are all the rave in retail stores, have you thought about organic baby toys? Organic Toys Babies

More than just a fad, going organic with baby toys is super important for healthy development in infants. Why, you might ask?

In this post, we underscore the immense importance of buying only organic baby toys for your developing infant. In return, you can raise a healthy scholar that will fund your retirement. (Okay, so we’re just kidding about that last part.)

Organic Baby Toys = Safe for Baby Mouths

It’s bad enough your baby is probably chewing on just about anything tangible he or she can get their hands on. So when it comes to baby toys, makes sure the toys are safe and clean as possible.

With organic baby toys, you can rest assured knowing that the contents being gnawed on contain no chemicals, pesticides, insecticides or other potentially harmful substances.

You see, with non-organic toys, the composition can be made up of a host of sketchy stuff. From lead to arsenic, traces of all kinds of weird toxins have been found in convention toys. And that can’t be healthy.

So when in doubt, go organic. Or in other words, opt for organic baby toys and know that what goes into that little baby mouth is legit.

Organic Toys Stimulate Natural Growth

Opt for Organic Baby ToysMost organic toys are crafted from completely natural woods, 100% organic cotton, and other chemical-free materials. Their simplistic composition makes for creative and beautiful designs and highly elaborate toys that often look like works of art. But perhaps more importantly, the simplicity of organic toys inspire natural creativity, reasoning, logic, and overall growth.

Compared to flashy, loud, and overstimulating toys, organic baby toys are known to be more educational. In short, they don’t overpower the kid. Rather, they facilitate learning and engagement.

Although you might struggle to find a tangible store that sells organic baby toys, there are plentiful options online. Many websites specialize in organic toys for babies, toddlers, and kids. There are even a wide range of organic toy manufacturers that are designed around specific educational principles, material composition, and even toys made in the USA.

So if you don’t eat entirely organic, than do it for your kid. Give them organic baby toys this holiday season.