Small Independent Film Company Gets Big Exposure With “Beyond Glory”

A small independent film company is getting tons of exposure with its latest indie film called Beyond Glory. The indie film production company, 8180 Films, is based in Leland, Michigan.indie film production company 8180 films

8180 Films has a great track record as the independent film company has produced four reputable indie films (each winning awards in numerous categories.) 8180 Films’ Larry Brand wrote and directed these popular indie films. Brand is a partner in the film company along with Jim Carpenter and Rebecca Reynolds, two award-winning independent film producers.

8180 Films: Creativity With No Boundaries

The indie film production company has been producing cost-effective, topnotch indie movies from its conception in 2008. Stephen Lang and Jordan Belfi are some of the top talents this small film company has managed to earn over the past years.

Chelsea Film Festival is just one of the many events this company’s movies have been played, including VisionFest in New York City. 8180 Films relies heavily on film festivals to get exposure for its outstanding films, in addition to other events and local gathers.

The indie films by 8180 Films have won a number of honorable awards in a wide range of categories including Best Director and Best Actor. Their latest film, Beyond Glory, is no exception.

About The Film Beyond Glory

Beyond Glory the film has received rave reviews from the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Beyond Glory is a direct portrait of people at war, faced with harsh choices and pushed into tons of narrow corners. This film is one of the most complex, richest pieces of action you’ll see in your movie-going life.Film Beyond Glory Stephen Lang

This is just one of the many reasons why 8180 Films has received tons of exposure with this film. Viewers will hear servicemen’s voices without the prerogative of journalists or conventions of dramatists.

Viewers watching the film Beyond Glory starring Stephen Lang will have a hard time trying to forget this film because of its lack of histrionics, simplicity and sobriety. These are the Beyond Glory’s strengths, and people will make note right away.

Beyond Glory’s Stephen Lang will take viewers into a real beyond, namely an in incredible yet interesting journey through Vietnam, Korea and World War II. Beyond Glory is full of action, and you’ll see a tour de force at almost all the time. Actor Lang and director Brand have joined forces to produce something amazing.

Mr. Lang is famous for creating roles of depth and subtlety, endurance and power, and he is at his best in Beyond Glory. Since the stories of eight recipients of Medal of Honor come to life through Beyond Glory, this film is here to stay.